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6 June 2017 |

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Mal di ventre Island

The Mal Di Ventre Island (in Sardinian “Malu Entu”, bad wind) is located in front of the Sinis peninsula, which is about 9 km away. It is a flat granite rock covered with Mediterranean scrub, spreading about 80 hectares, with a maximum height of 18...see more

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6 June 2017 |

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Seu Oasis

It is an oasis of Mediterranean scrub that lies between the beach of Maimone and Funtana Meiga village. It is a place that stretches for 1 km of coastline, with paths immersed in the scrub, and a Spanish tower on the cliff. It is the right...see more

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6 June 2017 |

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Maimoni Beach

MAIMONI is a particularly wide beach, close to Is Arutas, with, in its background, “Turri and Seu”, a protected area covered with Mediterranean scrub. The magnificent wideness of the beach ensures a sufficient personal space to enjoy the beach and...see more

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Is Arutas Beach

It is the most famous beach of the Sinis of Oristano: it has been built in millions of years on the erosion of Malu Entu Island (bad wind island), improperly translated into Mal di Ventre (stomach ache island), and is made up of quartz grains, as big...see more

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