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6 June 2017

The Giants of Monte Prama

The giants of Monte Prama or Sos Zigantes de Mont’e Prama, found in the homonymous place, are statues carved in local chalky sandstone and their height varies between 2 and 2.5 meters. Till now, 38 statues have been found: five archers, four warriors, sixteen boxers and thirteen models of nuraghes. They date back to the 11th century B.C., so they are the most ancient statues of the Mediterranean basin, prior to Greek and following Egyptian sculptures.
According to some archaeologists, the statues had the purpose of monumentalizing the necropolis and perhaps a nuragic sanctuary, in fact they are thought to be placed on the tombs found nearby. With the use of the GPR (Ground-Penetrating Radar), a vast area of at least 6 hectares has been identified to be excavated, that might reveal the true story of the Nuragic period of Sardinia History and revolutionize the history of Mediterranean art too.
During summer there is a chance to assist archaeologist excavations and have explanations from experts.
The site visit is usually followed by a visit to the Cabras Museum where the findings are displayed and where a specialized guide will explain the history of the Giants.
It would be good to finish the archeological itinerary visiting Tharros and the hypogeum of San Salvatore where there are a sacred well and wall paintings.

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